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What is the Current Situation in Sri Lanka?

As many of you may know, Sri Lanka is facing its worst economic crisis since its independence from Britain in the 1940s. This economic crisis is due to many factors, but ultimately due to the current system, the government enforces; regarding tariffs, taxes and commissions. I will not go deeply into the politics here as that is something I’m not liable to speak about but with some research, for those who are interested, it is very clear to see the reasons for this current crisis.

What I will talk about today is the state of the country now, safety for tourists, and what the implications are for our project.

Firstly, due to this economic crisis, prices for everything are through the roof. This means to many in the country that work on a Sri Lankan salary getting LKR, is not nearly enough to sustain their lives. Prices for food, petrol, gas, water, and electricity are up. Due to this, power cuts are implemented daily, and depending on the region depends on how long they are for. Lines to get gas for cooking are so lengthy that they carry on down the main road for almost 100 people. The same can be said for the lines for petrol. In some places a line of Tuk-tuk’s meander down the road for as far as the eye can see. It is in general a terrible time for the Sri Lankan people, but in true Sri Lankan fashion, everyone is still smiling and living day by day. Picketing is occurring throughout the country, with the highest population of people picketing in the Colombo region. People are angry at the Government, but that leads me to my next point.

Tourists are very scared of what might happen to them, and a big concern for their safety if they come on holiday, or to travel to Sri Lanka. There is no need to worry at all. I have gone past many areas where picketing is occurring, and the only thing I’ve been met with is kindness. Free food, fruits, and laughs. The Sri Lankan people are overjoyed to see tourists still coming, as it pumps money back into the economy and back into the hostels/hotels, restaurants, and tourist activities where workers need it most. The best thing about coming is that because the rate of the dollar is so stable, most things will be cheaper than before, making sure you have an even better time in the country. I will implore that there is no need to worry at the moment and that coming to Sri Lanka will serve not only to help the country but is better for your enjoyment too.

Now lastly, regarding the project. We are lucky as we work off of the daily dollar rate. Our charges are in USD, so the income we receive from tourists goes a long way for us in terms of keeping Mali, maintaining her upkeep, and keeping the family that you know and love safe and secure. Again, the only thing we are in dire need of right now is income, and a constant stream of clients, so if anyone you know is interested in travelling or visiting Sri Lanka, it would be great if you could mention us to them in hopes they would come.

A final follow up would be to just mention that we are in the process of finalising a donation platform that all of you would be able to donate to once it is started, so keep on the lookout for that.


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