Come and spend time with the elephants at our project for a morning or an afternoon, and know that you are contributing to making the lives of the elephants better.


Here at the ECRF, not only can we offer an amazing volunteer opportunity, but if you don't have the time or you are only in Sri Lanka for a short time, we also offer Day Trips where you can come to the project for a few hours for a small fee.

We organise these trips on all days of the week, but we would request a bit more notice if you are coming on the weekend.


We offer two different packages, in the morning and in the afternoon, where you can meet our elephants, relax with them, take photos, touch and feed them.

The fee that you will pay will go towards renting new elephants, working towards Amarasiri’s Dream and will include lunch for you, and any food that you would like to feed the elephants. Lunch is situated next to the river, where we will bring meals from a traditional Sri Lankan restaurant.



In this package we will organise meeting the elephants at 9:30, where you can feed, touch and take pictures with the elephants.

We will then begin walking to the location where we have sourced food. Along the way, the elephants will stop and graze, taking food from either banana trees, leaves of trees or certain grasses. The village which we walk around is a very rural part of Sri Lanka, ensuring a deep dive into how life and nature is in this part of the world.

When we arrive at the main food location, you have the opportunity to either help collect food for the elephants, sit and watch, or go to the restaurant to eat. At any time you can go to the restaurant within the allocated time.


13:30 - 16:00

In this package, we will collect lunch for you and meet you at the same location as they would come to in the morning. We will walk the elephants to the river where you can relax and watch them bathe whilst eating lunch (please let us know if you would like fried rice or rice and curry, and the spice level). After a while, we will begin to clean the elephants, and during this time you can participate and also take photos and feed the elephants. We will clean them for around 1 and a half hours. You can leave after we have finished or whenever within the allocated time.


Both packages are priced at Rs. 5000 each (roughly $28), but you can opt for a full day package for Rs. 8500 (roughly $47)

If you are interested, please fill out the form or contact us. We will contact you back promptly.


The project is located around 1 hour from Kandy, 30 minutes from Pinnawala, and 3 hours from Colombo.