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The Elephant Care Relief Foundation is a project set up in Sri Lanka that’s sole purpose is to care for the welfare and well being of domesticated elephants. We are determined to make a difference in the conditions for domesticated elephants. We aim to create a paradise for our elephants where they will have plenty of food, water, medicine and love. We want to serve as an inspiration for others, to show that these animals deserve our respect and that we cannot continue to uphold the conditions that so many elephants are faced with.



The mission of the Elephant Care Relief Foundation is to create an ethical space where domesticated elephants can be cared for properly; be mentally and physically healed, feel safe and avoid the harsh condition's that they are currently used to.



Sri Lanka is home to 3000 elephants, and around 200 of these elephants are domesticated. These domesticated elephants have to work daily, from morning to evening, with limited food and water, and are used to being controlled by force. Work includes hard labour, where they carry huge trees from inside the forest, weighing up to 350kg, using their mouths. They are also used in the widely popular tourist attraction of elephant back riding, where they carry tourists, often in groups, which can weigh up to 200kg. They are usually carried on large containers that damage the backs and lungs of the elephants. Even in places where they carry one person
at a time, they are still not exempt from the harsh conditions used to control them on a daily basis. Elephants that continue to live like this will suffer from mental illness,
undernourishment, and will slowly die from this treatment. As a result, instead of living their lifespan of 80-100 years, they won’t make it past 55. Despite being such important icons of the Buddhist religion in Sri Lanka, they are still being exploited for tourism.


Amarasiri founded the E.C.R.F in 2015, after seeing how elephants were treated and exploited for tourism first hand. The dream of Mr Amarasiri, and of the project, is to one day get a huge piece of land where we can house up to 15 elephants at one time. In his belief, the life, health and happiness of the elephants is more important than making profit through them. His mindset of elephants and their wellbeing is unconventional in Sri Lanka. Because of this, there is no governmental funding to the project, making it a self sustained organisation. Therefore, the ECRF is dependent on you. Get involved here by Volunteering or Donating.

Visit our FAQ's for more information on the elephants and their Mahout at ECRF. 




I am the manager of the project,
I deal with mainly the external side of things, as well as
 being the main volunteer coordinator.
Sri Lanka is my second home 
and I have been living here since 2018. I am
originally from Brixton in London. 
I am the one you speak
to if you reach out to us!




I am the founder of the ECRF.
I was born and raised in Sri Lanka. The sanctuary is my dream and
I created this project from scratch.
I deal with mainly the internal side of things, as well as making sure our volunteers are safe and happy. I welcome all volunteers as part of the family in our homestay.

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