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Update on Samandha

Hi Everybody,

These past few weeks have been really difficult for us. Samandha is recovering but his recovery time has increased as time has gone on. Luckily because of the donations we’ve received during this time, we have been able to afford proper treatment for him, including visits to specialists. We now have him taking Western medication along with Sri Lankan medication. He has been told to rest indefinitely. Because of this, he, and his son (Mithun) cannot work, meaning the family is no longer receiving an income. We have managed to sort out food for the next 2 months for the family and have given money for other amenities that they may need. The money donated will go towards that whole family.

Samandha and Mithun being unable to work has meant since the accident, operations at the ECRF have officially stopped. We can still get food for Mali, and Mithun is able to walk with her around the village for a few hours a day, but ultimately, we are in a very tough situation. Because we obviously treat our elephants differently than any other project in Sri Lanka, this is a completely unprecedented situation. Using the donated money, we will still care for Mali, but to continue operations at the ECRF we have decided it may be a good idea to relieve another elephant to bring to the project. We would love to bring another Mahout to take care of Mali, however, it would include us having to change the brain of the Mahout, as ethicality is not a first thought of a Mahout.

We will keep you all updated in the next blog, but right now we are in between lots of different ideas on how to make sure the ECRF doesn’t stop the momentum it's been gaining for the last few months.


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