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Tourism is Back!

In the past 2 months, Sri Lanka has been taken off the red list (for travel) from most countries that avidly send tourists to Sri Lanka. This is fantastic news! Sri Lanka has faced so much hardship over the last 5 years when it has come to tourism, so it’s great to see it all finally rising again.

Just like with the ECRF, as soon as things start to pick up again, it all falls right back down.

With the recent surge in tourism, it has actually been really good for us. We have seen lots of volunteers since the beginning of February, and also lots of day trips too. We really hope this keeps up, however, we are doubtful due to the lack of bookings. All our efforts are now being put into marketing, both in and out of the country, physically and online. It is challenging when we have so much competition, that all charge more than us.

We really hope that soon we can raise enough money to have our own land and have a physical reason to stand out against all these other projects.

As things slowly start to pick up, we will update everyone with ongoings and pictures that will be reflected in our Instagram etc. We really hope that this is our year to start making a difference in this country, to make our efforts actually worth something.


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