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Recent Events for the Project

It’s been a while since I have updated you all on the recent operations and ongoings of the project, so I would love to get you all up to speed.

Firstly, the current situation in Sri Lanka has impacted our project. Unfortunately, bookings have gone down, and the curfew over the last 5 days has meant that tourists do not want to travel as they are worried, and because of what is happening, tourists don’t even want to come to Sri Lanka to travel. However, with that out of the way let me tell you the good that has happened.

We have recently made a partnership with a volunteer organisation in Egypt called “Have A Dream”, which means that we will regularly be receiving volunteers again, which we are so happy about. Not only does it mean we are receiving regular income, but also it means Samandha can relax and not have to do so much hard work, and Mali can meet lots of new and enthusiastic people. We are very happy about this partnership, and we really hope it goes a long way.

Speaking about Mali, she is doing very well. She doesn’t have any problems at the moment and is living very healthily. We really hope through this newfound income that we can save another elephant soon and provide some better infrastructure for the project to make our elephant's facilities even better.

A very short summary of our ongoings, but we want to make this a regular occurrence, so we hope you all are enjoying these updates.


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