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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

We hope you are all well and have been keeping safe and busy during this strange time. Unfortunately, we have had to return to the UK to be with our families, however, we will be returning to our usual routine shortly. In September, we shall be returning to Sri Lanka to get the project up and running again, but this does come with some new issues.

We are aware that it might take some time for travellers/volunteers to feel safe and confident again around the world, therefore we are preparing for you guys as best as we can! So that you have a bit more information, we have put together a little bit of an explanation as to what precautions we will be taking in the future, RE. The COVID-19 outbreak. 

To ensure that we are safe, and you are too, we will be asking new volunteers to give us some extra info before visiting; what countries they have been to within the last few weeks, if they have been infected with the virus, if they have been in contact with/know anyone who has had the virus. 

In terms of Sri Lanka, they have announced that tourism will be allowed again in September, so we hope to see some faces returning soon! Please remember to be mindful of the local communities/businesses and respect the precautions they have put in place to protect themselves. As you might know, Sri Lanka were very quick to act on the situation and managed to keep a very low infected rate, therefore we know they would want to keep it this way! 

We miss you all and hope to see things go back to normal soon, stay safe, 

Love the Elephant Care Relief Team x

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